Motivation und reasons for another training concept

Every one learns in their own way. Successful learning happens for the learner when, with high motivation, he develops a learning strategy that is methodical and suits his own personality.

My job as a trainer is to make this possible.

Why not teach only the technical side of things?

In the technical area it is normal to seperate the teaching of technical matters from the development of learning strategies and social competence. Unfortunately. teaching only the technical side of things is sometimes rarely successful. There are various reasons for that:

  • Insufficient motivation
  • Distraction due to unsolved problems conflicts
  • Unskilfull ways of learning

Students will achieve the highest success in learning when taught learning strategies in the actual place of work where they encounter normal daily problems.

This is why, in my seminars, I recommend combining topics such as 'assembly and functioning off power plant components' with subjects such as 'self management and learning strategies'.

Advantages for all parties

For the company because the employees will:

  • increase their satisfaction
  • support personel integrity
  • activate unused skills
  • motivate themselves through further training

For the employees because they will:

  • take responsibility for themselves during the need both to act and think at work
  • profit greatly through good training
  • learn appropriate behaviour even for difficult situations
  • go beyond their own limitations in their contact with others

For the team because it will

  • develop open forms of cooperation
  • develop responsibility for the common goal
  • perceive the value of the individual for the whole
  • grow together

For me because I

  • like to learn myself
  • seek contact with others
  • enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge
  • am pleased with satisfied customers