Programmes Supporting the Training

For more illustrative teaching I developed software, which enables the practise of handling selected power plant components and which improves the understanding of technologies.

By means of realtime simulations and small auxiliary programs, I can show the thermodynamics, the mechanical behaviour, or the automation processes, of some machines and apparatus in a power plant.

The basics data for the simulated parts are recordings and documents from real existing power plants.

Brief Overview of the Software Functions

Turbine Programme

With the turbine program I can lead the students through a complete startup and shutdown procedure of a steam turbine focused on the high pressure part. All parameters, temperature, pressure, expansion, vibration, etc. are to be seen. By means of speed and power controllers we can adjust the machine to several operating conditions. Through alternating the conditions of the boiler or the condenser, as well as through opening or closing valves and shutters, it is possible to demonstrate the special behaviour in failure situations. The achieved process situations can be stored as datasets to the hard disk and can be called back later for further training.

Diagram Software

The diagramm software shows in a graphical way the relationship between enthalpy or entropy to pressure. In addition the state values of temperature, pressure, volume, enthalpy, entropy and steam moisture are seen as numbers. The highest reachable pressure is 250 bar and the deviation lays around 1 %. The operating states can be graphically connected, so that, for example, a water steam circuit can be seen as a picture. By means of a mouse, sections can be zoomed in or out.

Pumps Programme

The pumps programme is a simulation of two parallel operating feedwater pumps. The machines have speed controls and are shown together in one characteristic. Through alteration of the speed, as well as through opening and closing of a feedwater control valve, one can reach all operation conditions of the system.

Flue Gas Programme

The flue gas programme shows an analysis of the ingredients of the flue gas flow at the boiler discharge. The inputs shows the compositions and quantities of oil, gas, or coal fuels together with the air supply and the combustion temperature. The results show the common values as are measured in a power plant.

Function Group Programme

Through the function group program it is possible to test the conditions for starting or stopping machines or apparatus in a power plant. All prerequisites for all steps are represented at the beginning unsorted in the left window and must be appointed in right order to the right. With just a little extra work, nearly every controller flowing can be integrated.

Hydrocyclon Simulation

The programme includes the subject of gypsum drainage inside a flue gas purification system through a hydrocyclon. The alteration of solid matters in the inflow, the pressure before, or the size of the lower course nozzle, has an effect on the the composition at the discharge. From this the volume split ratio and the degree of separation is calculated and represented in a table.