Project Examples

In the following are listed some examples of executed projects.

Simulation of a Hydrocyclon

In this project the task was to develop a realtime simulation with graphical interface of a hydrocyclon for a personal computer. This programme should be used to demonstrate the operational context of that apparatus while draining the gypsum.

Balancing System for Electricity Production Costs

For a local energy supply company in Kiel I realized a program that balances the electricity production costs of a power plant. The task was to build up a programme under the Microsoft Access database for inputting, managing and calculating the operation data of the power plant. Coming from existing formulas for the calculation, the new system reads in the operation data from the network and represents a user interface for changing, calculating and printing out the data in appropriate form. The programming language was Visual Basic.

COM-Interfaces for a Boiler Calculation Programme

Another project was the development of a COM-Interface in C++ for the boiler calculation programme BODI of Babcock Borsig Energy GmbH.
The proven FORTRAN code for dimensioning a new boiler received a new interface cover, so that modern programs could easily extract the results. The linear calculation rules of the Fortran code remained untouched, while the interface itself was encapsulated into object oriented code. For the realization I used Visual C++6.

Interfaces to Different Process Control Systems

For the data transer between the KEDI database of BBP Power Energy and the various installed process control systems in power plants, I developed adaptable interfaces for the following systems: Teleperm M (Siemens), Symphony Maestro (Hartman & Braun), Procontrol P - PBS30 (ABB) and Foxboro ACPLT/KS. The central reusable code is a class in C++ that handles the database queries. The connection to the foreign system is built up either as a socket connection, a given standard class, or a reserved memory field.

Simulation Programme of a Steam Turbine

For the training of power plant staff I developed a simulation programme that shows all the important parts for observing a steam turbine in process. The programme is still under development and grows accordingly to the demands of training. At present it includes the dynamics of the casing temperatures and their observation; the sealing and drainage systems; the bearing lubrication; the control of the absolute and relative expansion and the rotor vibrations. One can govern the mashine by hand or by the main controllers for speed and power. Besides this it is possible to alter the pressure and temperature of live steam or to synchronize with the distribution network. The operation is comparable to current standards of visual process control systems.