Software Development

Since 1988 I have been working as an engineer in programming software and have adapted to the needs of the industry. In this connection I take on jobs which range from the analysis of the demands up to the implementation of the software on-site.

When Standard Software is Missing

Even when there are many solutions for common problems available sometimes one needs a tailer-made software for a special task. That might be:

  • build up an intranet knowledge database by means of wiki or knowledge management software (i.e. DokuWiki, Typo3, KnowledgeBase Manager Pro)
  • a simulation or animation as a visual aid for training or presentation
  • a web-application for integration into an existing intranet server

I am familiar with both worlds: programming and mechanical engineering and may help you, making things easier in connecting the demand from technical experts to realization.

Software Experience and Tools

  • Operating systems:
    WINDOWS XP & 7, Linux Debian
  • Programming languages:
    C++, VB, SQL, JAVA, HTML, Perl
  • Programming tools:
    MS Visual C++, NetBeans IDE Java, TYPO3