Occupational Practice

On behalf of:

Siemens AG Mülheim

  • Leading a couple of customers training courses in maintenance of steam turbines (SST-3000, SST-4000, SST-5000) for maintenance and operation personnel
  • Leading on site customer training courses with subjects construction and operation of KN steam turbines (SST-5000) in combined cycle power plants
  • Teacher of "Energy Conversion and Power Plant Technology" for in house trainings to technicians and non technicians
  • Assistance in preperation and improvement of training materials for assembly operators and commissioning engineers at the Trainingscenter Mülheim in subjects of steam turbines

Mark-E Hagen

  • Programming a variable print server to control the printout coming from the process control system of the power plant Elverlingsen
  • Leading a couple of one week training courses at the powerplant Elverlingsen for control room operators, masters and engineers

Babcock Borsig Power Oberhausen

  • Programming of the entry system DRUVER. A program to compute pressure loss in steam generators (MPM)
  • Building up a test environment to perform the final control of the KEDI software for the power plant Frimmerdorf
  • Development of a COM (Component Object Model) interface in C++ for the steam generator arithmetic program BODI
  • Development of an Access database and its user interface for the calculation of heat consumption in a communal power station in Kiel
  • Programming and implemantation of interfaces realizing the data transfer between KEDI and the process control systems: Teleperm M (Siemens), Symphony Maestro (Hartman & Braun), Procontrol P - PBS30 (ABB) und Foxboro ACPLT/KS
  • Building up the documentation and handbooks of the KEDI boiler diagnosis system for the powerplants: Boxberg, Frimmersdorf, GKKiel, Gersteinwerk, Heyden, Lippendorf und Weisweiler.

Kraftwerksschule Essen

  • Teaching steam generator behavior at the simulator for fossil fired power stations
  • Teacher of "thermodynamics, fuels, combustion systems, and steam generators" for continuous degree training
  • Referee in special courses: "Power Plant Technology for Electrical and Process Control Staff", "Process Operator Handling", "Power Plant Technology for Engineers".
  • Trainer for intensive inhouse courses in power stations in the fields "combustion, waters and steam circulation, steam generator, auxiliary components, steam and gas turbines" for:<br>DaimlerChrysler Sindelfingen, PreussenElektra Kraftwerk Staudinger, Stadtwerke Münster, Cascades Arnsberg, GECOL Tripolis
  • Programming of single and group controller systems for the air and flue gas systems of a natural circulation boiler
  • Development and Implementation of reatime simulations in FORTRAN for integrating into the training simulalator at Kraftwerksschule in Essen
  • Authoring a study "Second Opinion and Assessment Study for GECOL Training System Project" for GECOL, Libya

TEAM Herten

  • Development and Implementation of a database to administrate revision data at VEBA Kraftwerke Ruhr
  • Development of a PC training program demonstrating the functioning of several power plant components for STEAG AG


  • Webside development and administration for freelancer, associations, publishers and offices